Scott Bowman started out with a vision to bring locally sourced, farm to table fare back to Toledo using the best ingredients found right here in Northwest Ohio. His passion for scratch-made food and giving something back to the community gave Fowl & Fodder an identity from day one. Really awesome people work here, people who remember your name and what you ordered last time, who care enough to say hello and goodbye and smile every time you walk in. It is casual, fun and laid back, but we create some serious flavors and incredible dishes with the best local ingredients we can find from all over Ohio and Michigan. Our menu is full of organic, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options because we've removed all the filler and additives, creating real food from real, local ingredients.

Our goal is to bring scratch made, local fare to our community by sourcing the best, locally produced and 100% sustainable ingredients we can find in Northwest Ohio.

Nobody does Local like Fowl & Fodder

What makes us different? Produce grown with organic practices, grass-fed beef, pastured livestock, artisan cheese and fresh baked bread all sourced right here in Northwest Ohio. Fowl and Fodder features a scratch made menu and a fresh juice bar. We strive to deliver farm to table service utilizing the best ingredients Ohio has to offer. Our fast casual concept makes healthy, gourmet fare easily accessible to everyone in the Toledo area. In our restaurant you'll know where your food came from, how it was produced, and the story behind it's local label.

Why Choose Locally Sourced?

It's no secret that the freshest, most delicious ingredients come right out of your garden, off the trees and vines in your own backyard. Fowl & Fodder takes this concept and puts it to work, choosing only fresh, locally sourced ingredients right from the farms and growers of Toledo, Ann Arbor, Lima, Findlay, Sandusky and Fort Wayne. We choose to source locally whenever possible, to feature the amazing work being done by those farmers, ranchers, bakers and cheese producers right here in Northwest Ohio. Best of all, we get to change who we are constantly, with our seasonal menu, limited time ingredients and our desire to make something new out of something local.

Commercial agriculture is large-scale farming intended for widespread distribution. This type of production utilizes intensive farming techniques by resourcing synthetic hormones, antibiotics and insecticides to maximize profit potential. These factory style farms raise animals and crops on chemically engineered food materials to maintain mass production. The harvested products may be processed on site or sold as-is to be further processed elsewhere.

Not only is our scratch made menu a clean choice for our community, purchasing Ohio fresh ingredients supports our local economy. Fowl & Fodder has created a unique menu with the fresh ingredients bought from farmers, bakers, and artisan cheese makers in our own backyard. We want to make the best of Ohio's natural agriculture accessible to everyone in our community through our healthy and innovative take on traditional favorites. Nobody does local like Fowl & Fodder.

Real food, from real ingredients, for people who know the difference.

Fowl and Fodder Organic Sandwiches and Salads


Winner for...

  • Champion of Farm to Table
  • Organic Menu
  • Gluten Free Menu
  • Secret Menu Item
  • Breakfast
  • Smoothies

Finalist for...

  • Local foodie, Scott Bowman
  • Fast Casual Eatery
  • Use of Local Food

Sourcing ingredients locally allows Fowl & Fodder to:

  • Serve food that tastes better and has higher nutritional value
  • Promote safer food supply by eliminating delivery time
  • Encourage healthy eating with organic, vegetarian and gluten-free options
  • Help maintain Ohio's beautiful natural farmland ecology
  • Keep the environment rich by encouraging sustainable farming
  • Highlight Toledo's wealth of talented local farmers, ranchers and food artisans