From Farm to Your Table

At Fowl & Fodder we don’t just serve good food, we serve a story. A story that includes a whole host of characters that are dedicated to making your experience taste better and better for you because those ingredients are hand-made and harvested right here in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

You ask us all the time, “Where do you get this stuff?” We put our partner list on our website months ago but we’re going to take it one step further... here’s where YOU can get this stuff. Below, meet some of our local partners, their products, and their local pick-up and delivery schedules.

Fowl & Fodder works hard to bring you the freshest, best tasting and most incredible farm to table experience Toledo can offer. Our mission doesn't start in the kitchen, it starts in the farms and bakeries, the dairies and greenhouses that are right here in our own backyard. We don’t want you to just eat healthy and organic at our table, we know you would like more of those options at your own table.

So why are we so different? Our “grocery list” looks and feels a bit different than your average restaurant. We go as far west as LaGrange, Indiana for pasture raised, antibiotic free pork, chicken and turkey. Up to Ann Arbor, Michigan for fermented foods. And all the way down to Defiance, Ohio for grass-fed beef.

If you are looking to support local, eat organic, or supplement your current grocery list with more ethically sourced options right here in the Toledo area, take a gander at the below list of farms or download the list here. We’ve put them in a grocery store list format in an effort to help you better navigate your own needs at home. Click on the farms to learn more about their farming practices and coordinate their pick-up locations into your weekly calendar so you can eat even cleaner at your table.



Antiobiotic/Hormone Free/Non-GMO

Canal Junction Farmstead
Defiance, Ohio

Pick-up Locations: Wednesdays at Cedar Creek Church in Perryburg, BG, Wauseon, Flanders Road/Toledo, and Whitehouse


Antiobiotic/Hormone Free/Non-GMO

Canal Junction Farmstead
Defiance, Ohio

Pick-up Locations: Wednesdays at Cedar Creek Church in Perryburg, BG, Wauseon, Flanders Road/Toledo, and Whitehouse

Weber Ranch
Wayne, Ohio

Pick-up Locations: Sylvania, Waterville, Perrysburg, and pick-up in Wayne if needed


Antiobiotic/Hormone Free/Non-GMO

Canal Junction Farmstead
Defiance, Ohio

Pick-up Locations: Wednesdays at Cedar Creek Church in Perryburg, BG, Wauseon, Flanders Road/Toledo, and Whitehouse


Antiobiotic/Hormone Free/Non-GMO

Canal Junction Farmstead
Defiance, Ohio

Pick-up Locations: Wednesdays at Cedar Creek Church in Perryburg, BG, Wauseon, Flanders Road/Toledo, and Whitehouse

Weber Ranch
Wayne, Ohio

Pick-up Locations: Sylvania, Waterville, Perrysburg, and pick-up in Wayne if needed


Antiobiotic/Hormone Free/Non-GMO

Canal Junction Farmstead
Defiance, Ohio

Pick-up Locations: Wednesdays at Cedar Creek Church in Perryburg, BG, Wauseon, Flanders Road/Toledo, and Whitehouse

Weber Ranch
Wayne, Ohio

Pick-up Locations: Sylvania, Waterville, Perrysburg, and pick-up in Wayne if needed

Produce - Non-GMO

Riehm Farms
Tiffin, Ohio

Delivery CSA shares: Norwalk (Mon), ProMedica Toledo Children’s Hospital (Tues), University of Toledo (Tues), Bowling Green (Wed), Sylvania (Thurs), Perryburg (Thurs), Monroe Michigan (Thurs), Findlay (Thurs), Dana Incorporated (Thurs) and Tiffin (Fri).

Shared Legacy Farms
Elmore, Ohio

Delivery CSA shares: Elmore (Tues), Sylvania (Tues), Port Clinton (Wed), Perryburg (Thurs), Toledo Farmer’s Market (Sat)

Eggs - Organic Grade

Canal Junction Farmstead
Defiance, Ohio

Delivery Locations: Wednesdays at Cedar Creek Church/Perryburg, BG, Wauseon, Flanders Road/Toledo, and Whitehouse.

Riehm Farms
Tiffin, Ohio

Delivery CSA shares: Norwalk (Mon), ProMedica Toledo Children’s Hospital (Tues), University of Toledo (Tues), Bowling Green (Wed), Sylvania (Thurs), Perryburg (Thurs), Monroe Michigan (Thurs), Findlay (Thurs), Dana Incorporated (Thurs) and Tiffin (Fri).

Weber Ranch
Wayne, Ohio

Pick Up Locations: Sylvania, Waterville, Perrysburg, and pick-up in Wayne if needed

Cheese - All Natural

Canal Junction Farmstead
Defiance, Ohio

Delivery Locations: Wednesdays at Cedar Creek Church/Perryburg, BG, Wauseon, Flanders Road/Toledo, and Whitehouse.

Turkeyfoot Creek Creamery
Wauseon, Ohio

For Purchase: Available at Walt Churchills Markets, Health Foods by Claudia and Sautter’s Markets.

Weber Ranch
Wayne, Ohio

Delivery CSA shares: Norwalk (Mon), ProMedica Toledo Children’s Hospital (Tues), University of Toledo (Tues), Bowling Green (Wed), Sylvania (Thurs), Perryburg (Thurs), Monroe Michigan (Thurs), Findlay (Thurs), Dana Incorporated (Thurs) and Tiffin (Fri).


Maddie & Bella
Toledo, Ohio

For Purchase: available at each Maddie & Bella location (Perryburg and Toledo), Walt Churchills Markets, and Sautter’s Markets.

Riehm Farms
Tiffin, Ohio

Delivery CSA shares: Norwalk (Mon), ProMedica Toledo Children’s Hospital (Tues), University of Toledo (Tues), Bowling Green (Wed), Sylvania (Thurs), Perryburg (Thurs), Monroe Michigan (Thurs), Findlay (Thurs), Dana Incorporated (Thurs) and Tiffin (Fri).

Weber Ranch
Wayne, Ohio

Pick-up Locations: Sylvania, Waterville, Perrysburg, and pick-up in Wayne if needed.


Bench’s Bees
Curtice, Ohio

For Purchase: Multiple locations throughout Toledo, view list of locations.

Weber Ranch
Wayne, Ohio

Pick-up Locations: Sylvania, Waterville, Perrysburg, and pick-up in Wayne if needed.


Boochy Mama
Toledo, Ohio

For Purchase: Multiple locations throughout the 419, view list of locations.

You can download this list here.

We constantly add new ingredients, seasonal specialities and new partners to our list of suppliers. Because of that, we encourage you to visit our website to better understand our local suppliers.

That's the secret to really great food and the incredible flavors that our guests have to come love about Fowl & Fodder. Not just a Toledo restaurant, but a restaurant that combines local produce and our culinary vision to make something delicious and memorable. We believe that healthy, sustainably sourced and locally grown food can still make a delicious meal, and Fowl & Fodder is living proof of that belief in action.

As you can see, Farm to Table doesn't just begin and end in our kitchen. We encourage each and every one of our guests to eat local by checking out the Toledo farms and food producers above, and to purchase their produce and ingredients for your kitchens, too. Only by all of us working together to support Toledo area farmers, bakeries and dairies can we help promote and encourage others like them to begin producing locally.

Happy Eating,


The New Spring Menu, Filled with Locally Inspired Favorites

We just released what I think is the best menu we’ve ever done here at Fowl & Fodder. For those of you who stop by often, you know we change our menu seasonally. For those that are new to stopping by, we can’t wait for you to experience the robust flavors that are unique to the seasonal menus we dish out here at Fowl & Fodder.

We opened the restaurant with the intent of having food that was completely unique to the Toledo area and not something you could just find anywhere. We are super excited to be partnering with local farmers who are some of Northwest Ohio’s best agricultural producers. We are committed to supporting local and helping educate our community as there is a big educational gap between eating healthy and eating clean. We want to help bridge that gap.

There are some incredible people doing some amazing things in our local food scene. A handful of those regional family farms, our neighbors, continue to bring you the healthiest, most naturally sourced food options around. That’s what makes the trip to Fowl & Fodder extra special; it’s good for you, and because of that, it tastes even better.

A new addition to the spring menu is our partnership with Hartzler Dairy. They do pasture raised, Non-GMO products throughout the Cleveland area and specialize in high quality milk and butter. You can experience the Hartlzer Dairy difference by trying their yogurt in our yogurt parfait and smoothies, their delicious aged white cheddar cheese on many of our sandwiches, and their butter which we use on various breakfast items.

You can also try Smoking Goose's charcuterie on our new spring menu. Their smoked meats, sausages, and salumi are wicked good. They partner with small family farms in Indiana and neighboring states raising animals as nature intended: ethically and pasture raised, using 100% vegetarian feed.

Not only do we have some new partners and farms on this menu, we also have some new flavors and options for breakfast and lunch that are sure to please. The Short Ribs, Croque Madame, Nduja Lettuce Wraps, Duck Waffles, Carmel Praline French Toast, Kim-Chi Tacos and the new spin on the house burger are already receiving rave reviews. So stop in. Spring has sprung and you can taste the flavors from all around the region on this exciting new menu.

Also, if you are interested in learning even more about our local partners and farms, make sure to stop by our blog next week to gain additional insight into who those partners are, what products they offer, how you can get those products on your own table, and if those farms deliver somewhere close to your neck of the woods.

We are committed to serving real food, from real farms, for real people just like you. And not only when you eat at our restaurant, but outside of it as well!

Happy Eating Toledo,

Chef Scott

Fowl & Fodder's Downtown Adventure

As many of you know, Fowl & Fodder is heading downtown to 614 Adams Street to open up their second location. Perhaps no one is more excited to welcome Fowl & Fodder than downtown resident and up-and-coming real estate developer, Matt Rubin, President and CEO of Crane Development.

Matt, his brother Simon and associate Alex Paul, founded Crane Development to accelerate urban revitalization in downtown Toledo. They are also devoted Fowl & Fodder breakfast fanatics, and passionate about bringing their favorite local restaurant downtown for others to enjoy.

In February 2015, Crane Development acquired a vacant restaurant property at 614 Adams Street. Most recently operating as Weekdays and soon to be F&F, the two-story, 3,000 square foot historic building was constructed in 1887.

The parcel has served a variety of uses throughout Toledo’s history. Some of these include a grocery store, bookstore and various restaurants. The building is next door to Bleak House Coffee and just steps away from ProMedica’s new headquarters, One Seagate, One Government Center, LaSalle apartments, Huntington Center and the historic Valentine Theater.

In addition to investing and developing downtown properties, Crane Development is pursuing public and private funding opportunities for the Complete Streets infrastructure improvements to the 600 block of Adams Street. These modern improvements will encourage foot, bike and vehicular traffic downtown, not to mention attract even more high-quality business ventures to the area. Together, we're working with Toledo to create a unique and flavorful downtown destination.

Look for more updates on the build-out and about the development of the 600 Adams block in the coming weeks. Learn more about Crane Development at and on our Facebook Page.

We’re extremely excited to be part of Fowl & Fodder’s next chapter, and to help bring another incredible local business to downtown Toledo. Please, reach out and let us know what you think. Tell us, what kind of improvements would you still like to see downtown?

Giving Back to the People That Give Everyday

Where do we start? Thank you to the Fowl and Fodder tribe for delivering and delivering BIG during our Kickstarter campaign last December. Since you exceeded our goal for the new cold-pressed juicer, Fowl and Fodder wants to explore better bottling options to deliver those cold-pressed juices to you: not just preparing them in-house, but to-go as well!

You are the ones that make this local food movement possible with your continued support, resources and funding. Let us remind you, we could not do this without YOU. Your loyalty continues to inspire and humble us in ways you can't even begin to imagine. When we make the call to action, you are always there to lend a hand.

But what about when the tables are turned? Some of you are now calling us to action. Some are sad that they missed the Kickstarter campaign and would still like to get their name up on the new community wall in the downtown Toledo space. And some just want the opportunity to be a part of whatever we do next.

Ask and you shall receive.

Since we exceeded our goal this past December, we only find it right that if you’re asking for another platform to get your name on the wall, that we also pay those donations forward this time round. When you donate to get your name up on our new community wall, we will also donate a portion of the proceeds we raise back to our friends over at Food For Thought.

Every month, Food For Thought mobile pantries provide food assistance at multiple partner sites throughout the Greater Toledo Area. They help people who face the realities of food insecurity, offering a choice of nutritious meal options, including shelf stable items and fresh produce. 15% of every donation we receive will be going right back to Food For Thought.

With your help, we'll finalize a bottling system for the distribution of fresh, cold-pressed juices, and help a local non-profit continue the amazing work they are doing for those in need of healthy food options. We couldn’t ask for a better partner in our mission to help Toledo eat better and eat local.

If you supported our first Kickstarter, our second one this past December, have been to our restaurant once, a handful of times, or you are one of our very special Fowl and Fodder regulars, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you, and ask you to continue to be a part of this journey with us.

We are beyond excited about the future and vision that Fowl and Fodder has for our community. What makes Fowl and Fodder special isn't just our unique, creative food options. It's you.

Fowl and Fodder wants to make it easy for you to get involved with great projects all across Toledo. To get involved and donate to Fowl and Fodder and Food For Thought, simply click on the "Donate Now' image above, or follow the link located here.

For those who are donating and want to get your name up on the Fowl and Fodder community wall, please let us know in your paypal donation message box how you would like your name to appear.

If you are making a donation on behalf of a corporation, please send a high resolution version of your logo to us at after your donation has processed.

If you have any questions or trouble with the process, feel free to get in touch!

Alicia Wagner: Fowl and Fodder’s Not So Silent Partner

If there is one thing we should get out of the way upfront, it’s that I live for causes.

If every single person would champion just one thing or person they were super passionate about, what kind of world would we live in? A better one.

I wish I could say that I’ve had a dream of opening a restaurant since I was ten and that this whole plan to invest in a restaurant had been on my radar for a long time. But that wouldn’t be true. What I do care about is building this community, and investing in Toledo, its people and its local businesses. Whether it’s time, energy or money, I have chosen to make Toledo one of the causes that I champion.

That’s what led me to starting my own life and business coaching firm in 2012, Heels Coaching and Consulting, in an effort to help even more emerging female talent understand their value and worth in the corporate sector. I was happily doing that for two years when I was approached to interview for the new Women in Leadership course being offered at St. Ursula Academy.

That was the domino that started me on the path towards Fowl and Fodder. I needed a place near Central Avenue where I could go to in-between teaching, grading, and seeing my coaching clients. The criteria for this spot? It needed to have clean and healthy food. That’s all I wanted. Clean and healthy. But as most of us know, there were ZERO healthy establishments offering a full menu with clean options. Some progress has been made in town since, but at the time, Fowl and Fodder was the only game in town.

So, why did I need a healthy and clean restaurant anyways? When I was preggo with my first kiddo, I thought I was being healthy. You know, eating fruits and veggies so I didn’t feel super guilty about downing the pint of chocolate ice cream I was craving every other day... But what I didn’t know, what I wasn’t educated on at that time, was the scary realities surrounding GMO’s, antibiotics, dyes, hormones and preservatives. Here I was trying to eat healthy, but I wasn’t eating clean.

When my first child was born she had colic, a dairy allergy, and skin allergies. In the process of becoming Mrs. WebMD and doing crazy amounts of research, I discovered that many of these issues could be tied to the toxins present in our food. Then I started asking, “How do I get this stuff out of my food? And where can I go in town to do that?” A lot of grocery stores didn’t even carry organic produce at the time, and most restaurants barely had a gluten free option let alone concerns about GMO’s.

When I accepted the teaching position at St. Ursula Academy, I was now pregnant with my second child. I was resolved to NOT make the same mistakes I did with my first. I had the clean food at home part figured out, but what about the going out to eat part? Would I have to give that all up for 9 months just to make sure that my baby and I were safe?

Then I remembered a Kickstarter campaign I contributed to about a year prior. And I started digging into the story behind it some more. This local chef, Scott Bowman, wanted to bring better, local food into our community. Obviously, after all I dealt with my first child, I knew I wanted to help this restaurant open its doors. And here I was a year later actually visiting it for the first time.

Let me just say, it was love at first bite. Stick a fork in me, I was done. I was at Fowl and Fodder almost every single day while I was teaching that nine-week course. I got to know Scott. I got to know the staff. I got to know the food. I got to know the causes he was championing. I got to know his vision. I got to know everything about who he was and what he wanted to accomplish. And I loved it all.

So, how exactly did this next phase of the partnership unfold? Over a year ago, I was at a different eating establishment that was working to label itself “local.” I started asking questions about where their food came from. And the truth came out. Everything included chemicals and additives, and because it was all made “in-house”, it was deemed scratch and yummy. She saw the disappoint on my face, “You have to know when you go out to eat, that it’s not going to be clean. If you want to eat clean, eat at home.”

After I grabbed my coffee, I went back out to my car and I just sat there. Staring. Thinking. Confused. Angry. Motivated. And most importantly, inspired.

All I could see were the faces of my two kids. Was this how it was going to be for the next generation? Here was another human being telling me that safer, cleaner food was not an option outside of my home. She made that decision for me. That felt wrong. It felt like a challenge. It felt like she was now making decisions for my kids and our community and for me and I had enough of that in my life. I thought to myself, “What if it WAS possible to eat clean in a restaurant more often in Toledo?”

Incredibly, less than a week later, I got a simple text from Scott: “Alicia, Let’s get together. I want to explore opening up a second location and I need your help.” FINALLY, I thought, thank you Jesus. It is possible. We need another Fowl and Fodder!

If you would have told me a year ago that I was going to be partnering with the ridiculously amazing Scott Bowman and his wife, Alexis, on the release of their new masterpiece, Fowl and Fodder Downtown, I would have told you that you were crazy. And all I can say is that it’s coming together brilliantly. It’s really happening.

Here you have two souls who are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum in regards to personality, skill set and work experience. However, it’s working because of that diversity and the one underlying thing we both have in common: Passion. For the vision towards partnering with our community in an effort to bring cleaner, delicious food options to a downtown that was made for unity. Unity of ideas, people, business, friendship, and collaboration.

My lesson from every step of this crazy journey?

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” ~ Helen Keller

By getting uncomfortable and trying new things we can transform our community. Supporting people and causes that don’t traditionally fit into our neat, little box helps us learn, not just about people, but about ourselves. And reaching out to our neighbors to extend a helping hand in a venture not only helps him (or her), but can change an entire community.

That’s how we’ll continue to get “you’ll do better in Toledo” off of a sign and into action. All of us have to find and do our part to make this community better. One cause at a time.

That’s why we are so grateful to the loyal supporters of Fowl and Fodder. A million thank you’s to the Fowl and Fodder tribe out there, you are what makes this journey so incredible. Scott and I look forward to learning, growing and serving you over the months and years ahead. We are committed to bringing you real food, from real farms, to real people. People who know the difference. People who care about our vision. People just like you. Thank you for doing your part to support local by supporting Fowl and Fodder.

Celebrate Restaurant Week With Fowl and Fodder Feb 27th to March 5th

It's officially here, day one of one of our favorite weeks of the year: Restaurant Week Toledo. Whether you are a local die hard foodie, or looking for an excuse to get out of the office for lunch, the Glass City's best locally owned restaurants are excited to dish up some of their fan favorites for you this week. Try something new and exciting, or check out the special menu items your local favorite has on the menu, for this week only!

If you are familiar with Restaurant Week Toledo (RWT), you know what you are in for this week, ridiculously amazing and totally unique local fare. And bonus, you have that additional pep in your step because you know you are helping Youth Leadership Toledo raise critical funding for their programming efforts just by eating out all week. And you get to do all that while supporting our local business community in the process. Now that's a win/win.

If you are new to the Restaurant Week festivities, here's the full rundown:

  • This is the 6th Annual Restaurant Week Toledo

  • There are 45 locally owned participating restaurants this year, from all over the Toledo area

  • RWT starts today, Monday, Feb 27th through end of the week, Sunday, March 5th

  • You can search for participating restaurants on the RWT website one of two ways:
    1) By city (Perrysburg, Toledo, Sylvania, Maumee, Downtown, etc...)
    2) Or by menu choice (which restaurants are serving breakfast, lunch or dinner)

  • Some restaurants will have their usual menu with special deals and others will just have special menus altogether

  • Make sure to align (or realign) your work meetings, breakfast, lunch and social gatherings with a participating RWT restaurant

  • Proceeds from RWT support a local nonprofit doing amazing work in our community, Youth Leadership Toledo

  • If you want to look the part, you can buy one of Jupmodes super cool RWT tees here

  • There's a contest. To enter, share your best RWT photos on Instagram and use #celebrateRWT17. A RWT panel of judges will announce a daily winner throughout the week—then one People's Choice Award will be named on March 13th!

Easy-peasy. Now stop reading and get eating! Fowl and Fodder's RWT menu is good for dine in, carryout or online ordering and available starting today. Enjoy the food, fun and local flair this week, and thank you Toledo for your continued support of Restaurant Week Toledo 2017!

Fowl and Fodder, through the Eyes of Chef Scott Bowman

A menu seems like a simple thing at first. It’s a list of dishes available in a restaurant. Some exotic, some plain, with usually a little something for everyone. Just like a menu, life is full of these dishes too. And every day we ask: Which one should I choose? Which will be the best, the tastiest, the most fulfilling? What am I craving right now?

Ten years ago, I was working in a corporate restaurant as a general manager. I chose the dish that was safe. The dish that had little flare but would always be there. A steady dish, the same old routine that offered minimal challenge and very little personal fulfillment. I knew something was missing.

I began a brainstorming process with my wonderful wife and closest friends, to come up with the restaurant concept that would eventually become Fowl and Fodder. For the first time in my career, I was going for the mysterious, unknown dish. Something off the menu, something I had never tried before. The excitement of getting out on my own was incredible. I could finally do what I had always wanted to do. Something the corporate world didn’t let people in my position do. It was like a dream I had never thought possible before.

I would get to create something real and unique. My passion for art would come out in my food. I could now use this passion and begin a new adventure designing, developing, and creating my restaurant. I began reaching out to anyone and everyone for advice and help with financing this dream that began to feel so real. I familiarized myself with a crowd-funding website called Kickstarter, and realized that this was it. Not only could I raise funds to get my restaurant open but I could include my future guests in the process. They could be a part of what was meant to be for THEM anyway. It was perfect.

I was able to meet so many wonderful people passionate about local food before I even opened the doors. The community was involved with Fowl and Fodder from the beginning, and about this time I realized I was just a part of something larger. A movement of people, proud of their city, their culture and their food. A movement that needed to be fed. It was time for my next dish.

I was meeting local farmers and producers in our area, and I filled my kitchen with their food. I was ready to begin testing and experimenting with my new products. This time I created the dish in earnest. The dish took several hours of critiquing and experimenting, peeling and slicing, chopping and dicing, this dish was made from scratch with only the finest ingredients our area can offer. Fowl and Fodder was ready to open the doors.

That moment of accomplishment was amazing. Not an I anymore, but an entire group of people from through Toledo. Farmers, dairies, bakeries, restauranteurs and normal every day diners coming together to make something incredible. We had done it. We had opened a restaurant that we could be proud of, something unique and challenging and all together our own.

This was only the beginning. I was in for a long first year. Our name was slowly making its name around but we needed to get more guests in the doors if we were going to survive. We were struggling. We had to keep going. We couldn’t give up. We knew we had something special to offer everyone in Toledo. If the passion, hard work, and drive is there to succeed, the possibilities become endless. We continued to hold on tight. We used social media, radio ads, and door to door advertising to spread awareness about our existence. It was working. People were starting to hear about us. Rumors of our ethically sourced, delicious, scratch made menu were spreading throughout town. Repeat guests were coming in sometimes multiple times a week to eat. They couldn’t get enough and I couldn’t get enough of them either. I was developing real, down to earth friendships with both my team and my guests. And it was working.

I felt beyond grateful. My heart filled as guests began to trust me and flatter me with compliments of their experience and love for my food. My food! That’s the best part of this whole journey. The people. My guests, my farmers, my friends. Who can say they go to work every single day with their best friends? I am beyond blessed to have made the leap and landed on both my feet, surrounded by people who love what we do and believe in our vision. I work with an incredible staff and I engage with incredible guests every single day. These people are all here for me. They care about my success. They believe in my dream. They believe in me and that is why I can write this story today.

-Scott Bowman

PS: Our next dish will be an adventurous one as we begin the journey in expanding and improving Fowl and Fodder while opening our newest location in downtown Toledo. We are so excited to have you as part of this ride. We couldn't do it without you Toledo!

Second Location of Fowl and Fodder Coming to Downtown Toledo

The revolutionary owners of Fowl and Fodder, Scott and Alexis Bowman, have teamed up with local area business consultant, Alicia Wagner (above left), owner of HEELS Coaching, to take Fowl and Fodder to Downtown Toledo. They are excited to announce a second location opening downtown on Adams Street this fall.

The Bowman’s dream to provide scratch made, locally sourced fare became a reality when they opened the original Fowl and Fodder location on Central Avenue in 2014. Due in large part to the success of the first restaurant and incredible support of the local community, a second location will be opening at 614 Adams Street, in the heart of historic downtown Toledo.

The Fowl and Fodder team chose the new location in an effort to continue rebuilding downtown Toledo. “We are extremely excited to support the continual growth of the Warehouse District, while providing local food made with real ingredients to the people who live, work and play in downtown Toledo” said founder and head chef Scott Bowman.

Fowl and Fodder’s mission, to bring scratch-made, local fare to the community, is the only Toledo restaurant of its kind. The farm-to-table restaurant provides a unique menu with fresh, organic and locally sourced ingredients. The menu includes the very best of Northwest Ohio’s produce, meats, and artisan foods. Fowl and Fodder's unapologetic mission to provide ethically sourced eats becomes even more novel to those needing local options for vegan, gluten free, and "clean" conscious catering options.

Fowl and Fodder has been celebrated with multiple Toledo City Paper awards since first opening including:

2014: Best New Restaurant
2015: Best Organic Restaurant, Best Secret Menu Item, Best Restaurateur (Scott Bowman)
2016: Champion of Farm to Table Restaurant, Best Breakfast, Best Gluten Free Menu, Best Secret Menu Item, Best Smoothie

Whether you plan to eat in or on-the-run, Fowl and Fodder makes it easy to do. Patrons can order food through the Fowl and Fodder app or online at

Our hours are Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 4 PM and Saturday and Sunday, 8 AM to 4 PM. For more information on Fowl and Fodder’s new restaurant location, contact Alicia Wagner at 419-944-5561 or