We’re always on the lookout for fun, flavorful ways to bring you the best in local produce. One of the most common requests we’ve gotten is to add smoothie flavors to our juice bar menu. Whether for breakfast on the go, or alongside your favorite lunch item, our smoothies combine the best of nutrition and flavor. You’ll notice some old favorites, packed full of healthy super foods like chia seeds, acai berries and spinach, to kick our smoothies up another level of healthiness.

We’ve created a few new concoctions for you to try out at your next visit to Fowl and Fodder, so check out the recipes below to find your next favorite drink!

Chocolate Raspberry

A sweet and chocolatey blend of Honey, raspberries, banana and 100% pure cocoa powder, finished with one of our favorite superfoods, raw hemp heart.

Strawberry Mango

Fruity, tart and super fresh, with strawberries, mango, lime and vanilla yogurt all combined for a smooth and creamy finish.

Banana-Chia Boost

Already a fan-favorite, this smoothie brings you the best of bananas and fresh chia seeds, with acai berries, almond milk and a hint of spinach for that extra protein boost.


Like Nutella in a glass, with bananas, walnuts, Nutella and splash of almond milk for the perfectly balanced chocolate nuttiness. Great as a breakfast starter or a dessert!

Almond Joy

Enjoy the taste of fresh almond in a number of ways, with almond milk, almond butter, Bananas, raspberries and flax seed.

Hemp Seed

All the benefits of raw hemp seed in a tropical flavored smoothie, filled with mango, pineapple, coconut milk, hemp seed and a hint of spinach to balance it all out.

Tropical Blend

Our own little homage to the Caribbean in a glass, the tropical smoothie is a sweet and refreshing drink, with banana, coconut milk, mango, lime and the ‘superfruit’ acai berry.

Key Lime

Take a trip to the Florida Keys, with our personal blend of bananas, coconut milk, honey, flax seed, yogurt and of course fresh pressed lime juice. A tart and tasty way to start your day, and packed with Vitamin C.

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