Fowl & Fodder creates healthy, local cuisine, with organic, vegan and gluten free options, for a town full of incredible people making great food every day. We want to make the best of Ohio's natural agriculture accessible by building a community around Toledo, its food, and its people.

We've created a unique menu with fresh, organic and locally sourced ingredients procured from around Toledo and Northwest Ohio. By partnering with our neighbors, the local farmers, bakers, dairies and ranchers, Fowl & Fodder has been able to bring Toledo the freshest, healthiest and most delicious local food options available in town.

We know that the best ingredients come right out of your own garden. Fresh organic produce, bursting with flavor. Pasture raised cattle and grass-fed beef. Fresh baked artisan bread and homemade cheeses. Why buy from across the globe when you have everything you need to make amazing food right here in Northwest Ohio?

Local food, from real ingredients, for people who know the difference.

Fowl and Fodder is always excited to partner with local businesses that share our core belief in the importance of fresh, local produce and in showcasing some of the incredible ingredients and farmers that Toledo has to offer. One of these businesses is Walt Churchill's Market, a long time Northwest Ohio grocery store that has been helping provide local farmers and growers a way to share their produce with Toledo residents. Check out this quick cooking video where our owner, Scott Bowman, takes our farm to table philosophy one step further, making one of Fowl and Fodder's new seasonal recipes with fresh local produce found right in Walt Churchill's kitchen!

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